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We know with a strong ecosytem, everyone benefits, so we’re motivated to help build local ecosystems through community building events.


Walkabout Singapore is an annual city-wide open house event for technology startups, from small teams to giants like Twitter. Since 2012, each year we’ve helped 100+ offices open to 1,000+ participants.


A weekly startup event list to your inbox. Now across 4 countries in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Seoul.

Founder Institute

We’ve helped the Founder Institute open in a dozen cities across Asia. Started in Silicon Valley, the Founder Institute is a pre-idea incubation program for entrepreners.

Founders in the Bay

Founders in the Bay is an immersion program for Singapore-based technology startup founders to learn about the burgeoning technology market that is Silicon Valley.

Super Happy Dev House

An all day / all night hackfest and party that brings the regions best developers together.

Open Coffee Club

A monthly morning meetup for people who love startups. A mix of entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and creative types to chat over coffee.


Through organizations like NUS Enterprise and JFDI, we spend time mentoring with up and coming startups, helping them with everything from product development, to marketing, to fundraising.

Startup Dinners

We frequently host dinners for startup founders, both inside and outside our portfolio. We’ve hosted dinners from Singapore to San Francisco, Jakarta to Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi, Bangkok to Manila.