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This VC Is Setting Up Pokemon GO Lures To Potentially Catch Singapore’s Next Big Startup

Need a break from trying to catch ’em all? Or maybe you just need a cool refreshing drink and probably a lure to help?

Well, all these can be found at one place thanks to venture capital firm Golden Gate Ventures hosting a PokePitch!

The event will be held on Tuesday 16 August from 4pm to 6pm at 69 Duxton Road, and will be Tanjong Pagar’s first ever Pokemon Centre.

The Pokemon Centre is brilliantly centred around four Pokestops – The Party Mural, The Oriental Mural Art, The Vanda Miss Joaquim Pavilion and The Vanda Joaquim Sculpture.

Not only are there Pokestops nearby, unlimited lures are provided for players as well!

PokePitch! will provide a place where one can take a quiet breather, rest their tired legs or even network with other Pokemon trainers. Furthermore, free drinks and ice cream will be provided to beat the heat, and also to recharge.

Who knows, you might even find a Machamp while basking in the coolness of the ice cream.

It’s not only a paradise for Pokemon hunters, but for budding entrepreneurs and startups too – Golden Gate Ventures’ founders, including Jeffrey Paine, Vinnie Lauria, Michael Lints, and Justin Hall will also be there.

So instead of simply having the chance to catch that rare Pokemon, startups will also get the chance to get up close and personal with these VCs.

Now who says you can’t play and work at the same time?


Original article by Annabelle Jeffrey, Vulcan Post.