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Getting the smarts in money

Says CEO Nair: “We live in an age where we have self-driving cars and rockets that can go to Mars. There’s no reason why you need a financial adviser to tell you how to manage your money.”

WHEN a company’s business model is built on a base of savvy consumers keen on sniffing out the best deals, one thing is for sure: eventually, those same users are going to start comparing the company to its competitors.

For personal finance portal MoneySmart Group, the key factor that founder and chief executive Vinod Nair thinks will keep customers coming back is how the website is built, based on the company’s core mission.

MoneySmart’s mission is to educate consumers to make wise financial decisions by providing the information, tools and advice they need.

To achieve this, his website provides more than just a static side-by-side comparison of financial products.

Not only does MoneySmart have the widest range of comparisons for loans, insurance, credit cards and bank accounts in the local market, it also has a content and education arm with articles about how to manage problems at critical life stages, such as what to consider when buying one’s first flat.