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Easy ways to install and discover apps with Aptoide

Easy Way to Install and Discover Apps with Aptoide

Aptoide – The advent of Smartphones that has opened the world to unlimited possibilities has further led to massive downloading of mobile applications for different purposes, be it utilities, news, entertainment, lifestyle, productivity, games or social networking.

With eight million mobile app users in India, and a plethora of apps at our disposal, discovering apps that are best suited to our needs and guarantee safe, easy and exciting installation seems like an uphill task in today’s day and age.

However, there are solutions that work to redefine app distribution and discovery in a social and collaborative way.  One such state-of-the-art solution, Aptoide that lets its users create and manage their own store, follow community recommendations and discover any new, interesting content.

How it works

It all happens with a social feed that turns app discovery into a social and community-based affair. Not only sharing app stores, even reviewing apps and getting tailor-made suggestions for different usages and following other app stores, Aptoide’s easy and unique solutions make it possible to do it all. About a 100 million global users and more than 2.8 billion downloads and counting since its first launch in 2011 substantiates the product’s immense success across the globe.

Who can be benefitted?

This social app discovery service aims to benefit one and all, from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to telecommunication companies to integrators and developers who can create and manage their own app store by uploading their own apps on Aptoide, leading to some high quality apps, significantly used by an increased number of users and reimagining new ways of discovering and using apps.


Available in over 40 languages and with access from all around the world, the solution that lets you own your Android store is a comprehensive answer to discovering latest apps, stores, reviews and connecting with app publishers and developers – all on one platform and in a social and collaborative way.

The Journey

What started as a mere summer project initiated by Paulo Trezentos and Caixa Mágica has come a full circle with over 60 employees, soon to cross the over 100 mark.


Since May 2013 when Aptoide received seed funding from Portugal Ventures, Aptoide now has its own dedicated blog, and launched Aptoide for TV during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Headquarted in Lisbon, Aptoide has opened offices in Singapore and China last year as well. With some more major financing from e-ventures this year, Aptoide has now launched its Aptoide V8 variant and is reaching new heights with 6, 60,000 apps and 2 lakh app stores to its credit.


While many of us have already contributed in charting the growth of this innovative tech solution, some of them even in Antarctica, Aptoide has based itself on growing together attracting more unique users along the way.


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