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Ayannah Wins the Fintech Finals 2017

HONG KONG, Jan. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ayannah, a mature stage startup from the Philippines, was deemed the ‘Best in Show’ by the judges at the Fintech Finals 2017 (FF17) pitch competition at PMQ in Hong Kong brought to you by Visa, as part of the StartmeupHK Festival. Twenty-three startup finalists had six minutes to shine on stage in front of judges and a live audience of fintech professionals, enthusiasts and media. While all were winners in their own right, only Ayannah got to go home with the US$10,000 prize.

Ayannah provides affordable and accessible digital financial services for the world’s unbanked. Miguel Perez, Ayannah’s CEO said, “We are thrilled and honoured to receive this recognition this year! We look forward to keeping this momentum going and will work on continuing to grow our business with the proceeds.”

As Best in Show, Ayannah is also invited for a co-creation engagement with Visa at its Innovation Center in Singapore, to explore and ideate on business solutions and opportunities together with a team of subject matter experts from across Visa’s business.

Three Best In Category trophies were also distributed. Best Early Stage Startup went to Bambu from Singapore, and Best Growth Stage Startup was won by DarcMatter from the USA. BIMA from Sweden claimed the Best Mature Stage Startup. All winners will also receive the benefits of partnership opportunities and promotion through Next Money channels.

Associate Director-General of Invest Hong Kong, Charles Ng, said, “Hong Kong welcomed the Fintech Finals back here again during the StartmeupHK Festival 2017. We were glad to meet the 23 shortlisted startups, five of which from Hong Kong, to present their innovative fintech solutions on stage. Hong Kong has a fertile ground for fintech startups to grow. It has a robust and market-driven fintech fundraising centre, with different accelerators and innovation labs in town and the largest Smart Space Fintech located in Cyberport. Invest Hong Kong’s dedicated fintech team is here to help overseas startups embrace the vast opportunities in Hong Kong, the mainland China and beyond.”

Judges worked from a score sheet to rate the startups, based on the following criteria: business model application, scale and robustness; transformative concept and technology; market opportunity and size; customer experience design and ease, financial opportunity and forecasts and, of course, the quality of their team presentation.

Ralph Koker, Head of New Channels Solutions, Asia Pacific, Visa stated, “As one of the judges of the competition, I was impressed with the incredible ideas from the finalists. It is very encouraging to see the fintech community in Asia taking a leading role in creating new solutions for consumers and businesses. Increasing collaboration across the innovation ecosystem is particularly exciting for Visa and is needed for the payment industry. We are building tomorrow’s payment experiences through co-creation with our partners, including fintechs, by extending access to the Visa network and our open API platform Visa Developer.”

Next Money founder and FF17 organizer, Rob Findlay, commented: “This has been an incredible 2 days of fintech. We are thrilled for Ayannah on their well-deserved Best in Show win, and we congratulate and applaud all of the startups that participated these past 2 days for their absolute dedication and passion for innovation. These are clearly the individuals that will continue to influence the future of fintech here in Asia.”

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Original article appeared on Yahoo! Finance