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App Speeds Car Insurance Claim

CLAIM DI, a Series A insurance tech startup, yesterday announced a new service called Claim Di K4K, short for “knock for knock”, to allow people who have a minor collision to make a car insurance claim themselves simply by shaking their mobile phones near each other.

The service will be offered to holders of first class car insurance with 10 firms subscribing to K4K. If there is a collision and both drivers have the app installed on their smartphones, and have registered with Claim Di, they can shake their phones near each other and the claim will be filed for them.

“Once the policyholders shake their smartphones equipped with the Claim Di app, their carinsurance information will be exchanged and sent to their insurers for instant approval. Once the claim is approved, they can leave [the scene of the accident], no need to wait for an insurance adjuster,” said Kittinan Anuphan, founder and chief executive officer of Anywhere 2 Go, the developer of Claim Di.

Claim Di K4K is ready to be served since September 1 will become available on Thursday for holders of firstclass motor policies with Bangkok Insurance, Muangthai Insurance, Deves Insurance and Thanachart Insurance.

Customers of six more insurance companies will later be able to use Claim Di K4K: Generali Insurance, Thaisri Insurance, Chubb Samaggi Insurance, Thai Setakij Insurance, LMG Insurance, and AXA Insurance from October.

Kittinan said that by using the K4K service, policyholders would spend only a few minutes to make a claim rather than wasting half an hour waiting for an insurance adjuster to survey the case.

Around 50 per cent of total firstclass carinsurance policies of all 10 companies are the target group for this service.

To date, there have been 30,000 downloads of Claim Di, and around 17,000 users have registered their carinsurance policies. Some have more than one policy, so there are around 20,000 carinsurance policies on the Claim Di app that are ready for do “knock for knock” claims.

Claim Di K4K not only saves time for policyholders, it can reduce costs for insurance companies, as they do not seed to send an adjuster to handle the claim. Kittinan said this new service would help these 10 carinsurance companies save up to Bt45 million per year.

“Now we have a total of 33 carinsurance companies using Claim Di’s services,” he said.

Pannee Pitikultang, executive vice president for the motor group at Muangthai Insurance said the company had applied Claim Di’s services such as Cliam Di ilertu, Claim Di Inspection, and Claim Di K4K to help the company reduce the cost of operations while increasing customer satisfaction.

“We have been using Claim Di for many years. We have both our inhouse surveyors and use Claim Di’s surveyors and services,” she said.

Original article by Asina Pornwasin, The Nation