Golden Gate Ventures | Venture Capital for Southeast Asia

Golden Gate Ventures is a venture capital firm investing across Southeast Asia. Since 2011, the firm has invested in over 30 companies across more than 7 countries in Asia. The firm invests in internet & mobile startups across many sectors, including e-commerce, payments, marketplaces, mobile applications, and SaaS platforms.



  • Where do we invest?

    We focus on Southeast Asia. To date we’ve invested in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam, we’re looking for companies interested in expanding in Southeast Asia. We also invest in companies from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and the U.S. that have an interest in Southeast Asia.

  • How much do we invest?

    We invest at the Seed, Series A, and Bridge rounds. We typically look at companies raising from USD$1M to USD$5M. We like working with co-investors that add value and are open to both leading and following other investors.

  • What do we invest in?

    Startups in Southeast Asia that leverage technology and the internet to scale rapidly and disrupt existing industries - from e-commerce to payments, marketplaces to content portals, mobile apps to B2B, IoT to SaaS platforms.

  • How do I pitch?

    Preferably through an introduction - from a founder in our portfolio, to an investor in our network. Or find us at event and give us your best 60-second pitch. We’ve been pitched in elevators, escalators, taxi queues, and even bathrooms! As a last resort, you can use our contact page.


  • Alumni Network

    We’re very selective on the founders we invest in (we have a lower acceptance rate than Harvard). Once a founder is in the portfolio, we plug them into other great founders through online dashboards and offline private events such as portfolio dinners, yearly investor summits, and business development trips to foreign countries.

  • Regional Expansion

    With investments across more than seven countries we have a local partner in each country. We co-invest with local investors to tap local expertise and help open new networks. We helped the Founder Institute expand across Asia, plugging our founders in to hundreds of entrepreneurs and successful mentors.

  • Recruiting

    We know you’re raising money to hire great talent and we try to help source that talent for you. Our events plug us into great developers, our brand helps senior executives confide in us that they’re looking to make a jump, and our newsletters help us promote your needs to thousands of potential hires.

  • Expertise

    All of the founding partners have spent time in Silicon Valley and have built startups. Early on, we can help with everything from product development, to technical strategy, to growth hacking techniques. We’re constantly learning from our portfolio and look to share lessons learned and best practices with all our founders.

  • Network

    We have 30+ mentors across the globe, from Facebook developers to senior VPs of global corporates. These mentors support and connect you with the people you need in order to grow your business. We partner with regional institutions, from telcos, to governments, to large tech firms such as Google and Twitter to open opportunities for business development.

  • Fundraising

    We’ve successfully helped our companies raise multiple rounds of financing after our initial investment, such as Redmart from investors in Singapore, Carousell from global investors, and Bilna from funds in Indonesia. We invest knowing our founders will be raising multiple rounds, and we want to continue investing throughout that journey. We’ve helped our companies bring on board top-tier global investors.


We have a long-term vision of helping you build your company. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and build a massively successful company. We trust the founders we invest in and take an approach that is as hands-on as you want us to be. For seed investments, this is usually early product development; for later stage companies it might be market expansion. We’ve even helped our companies make successful pivots - driven by the founders, but supported by us.

  • Roger Egan

    RedMart CEO

    My favorite thing about Golden Gate Ventures is that it is run by entrepreneurs that encourage you to dream big and have a long term focus. They have gone well above and beyond the best I could have expected from an investor.

  • A.J. Solimine CEO

    Golden Gate Ventures was instrumental in connecting us with top-tier investors, advisors and entrepreneurs in the San Francisco area. In addition to helping advise us on our most recent fundraising round from top-tier US VCs, they have assisted in recruiting, operations, and corporate strategy.

  • Siu Rui Quek

    Carousell Co-founder

    Golden Gate Ventures had begun helping Carousell months before they became an investor. Vinnie was key in helping us improve our product’s retention mechanisms amongst other product enhancements, and Jeff gave us good advice regarding capital strategy and partnerships.


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